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Paleomicrobiology: Past Human Infections

Didier Raoult & Michel Drancourt (Eds.)

Paleomicrobiology (book cover)

Paleomicrobiology: Past Human Infections

Didier Raoult & Michel Drancourt (Eds.)
Springer, Berlin & Heidelberg, 2008.

Forlagets beskrivelse:
"Paleomicrobiology – Past Human Infections" features the methods and main achievements in this emerging field of research at the intersection of microbiology and evolution, history and anthropology. New molecular approaches have already provided exciting results, such as confirmation of a single biotype of Yersinia pestis as the causative agent of historical plague pandemics, and the closer proximity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from ancient skeletons to modern strains than to Mycobacterium bovis, shedding new light on the evolution of major human pathogens and pathogen–population relationships. Firm microbiological diagnoses also provide historians and anthropologists with new data on which to base evaluation of past epidemics.

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Front Matter [PDF, 115.0 KB]
Paleomicrobiology, pp. i-xiii

I. The Techniques and Methods

Chapter 1: Great Plagues of the Past and Remaining Questions [PDF, 215.6 KB]
Cheston B. Cunha and Burke A. Cunha
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 1-20

Chapter 2: Identification and Interpretation of Historical Cemeteries Linked to Epidemics [PDF, 3.9 MB]
Dominique Castex
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 23-48

Chapter 3: Archaeological Proof of an Abrupt Mortality Crisis: Simultaneous Deposit of Cadavers, Simultaneous Deaths? [PDF, 86.8 KB]
Henri Duday
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 49-54

Chapter 4: Molecular Detection of Past Pathogens [PDF, 905.7 KB]
Didier Raoult and Michel Drancourt
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 55-68

Chapter 5: Histologic Detection of Past Pathogens [PDF, 80.1 KB]
Hubert Lepidi
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 69-72

II. Ancient Microorganisms Bacteria

Subpart, Part 1: Bacteria

Chapter 6: Palaeomicrobiology of Tuberculosis [PDF, 1.1 MB]
Helen D. Donoghue
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 75-97

Chapter 7: Past Leprae [PDF, 815.4 KB]
Andreas G. Nerlich and Albert R. Zink
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 99-123

Chapter 8: Archaeology of Human Pathogens: Palaeopathological Appraisal of Palaeoepidemiology [PDF, 5.2 MB]
Olivier Dutour
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 125-144

Chapter 9: Past Plague [PDF, 4.2 MB]
Didier Raoult and Michel Drancourt
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 145-159

Chapter 10: Typhoid Fever Epidemic in Ancient Athens [PDF, 170.3 KB]
Manolis J. Papagrigorakis, Christos Yapijakis and Philippos N. Synodinos
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 161-173

Chapter 11: Dental Pulp as a Tool for the Retrospective Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases [PDF, 5.3 MB]
Vu Dang La, Gerard Aboudharam, Didier Raoult and Michel Drancourt
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 175-196

Subpart, Part 2: Viruses

Chapter 12: History of Influenza Pandemics [PDF, 134.3 KB]
Bruno Lina
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 199-211

Subpart, Part 3: Parasites

Chapter 13: Human lice: Pediculus and Pthirus [PDF, 5.5 MB]
Kosta Y. Mumcuoglu
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 215-222

Back Matter [PDF, 76.6 KB]
Paleomicrobiology, pp. 223-226